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    Mike Abbott is a veteran musician and singer, with over 45 years of  professional gigging under his belt. Performing on soprano, alto and  tenor saxes, flute, and wind synthesizers, he adds the finishing touches  to any musical engagement. He performs in both his native New England area and Florida, depending on the season. See the About tab for a full bio, and more info on his various performing entities, or see the Events page for upcoming bookings.

    The music

    Mike performs a variety of musical styles and genres, picking classics from the soundtrack to our lives. Rock, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, you will hear an eclectic mix of styles at Mike's gigs.

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    Every Wednesday (weather permitting) at Pi on Broadway, Ocala. And other fine establishments in FL and New England. Check the Events tab for listings.

    Mike Abbott

    9039 SE 167th Ford St, The Villages, FL 32162

    (603) 714-8924

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